Tree care industry news

ICF seeks Deputy Director

The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) is seeking an experienced senior forestry or arboricultural professional to join its team. The new role comes at an exciting point in the ICF’s history as it feels that the time is right to provide greater support closer to members in south England and Wales, and provide policy advice to decision makers in a devolved UK.

London's canopy is counted

21.87% of London is covered by trees according to new figures from the London Tree Officers' Association. The Association have estimated that London is 7.37% woodland, whilst 14.5% of the capital is under the canopy of single trees or small groups.

New advice on tree safety

Three new publications have been produced by the Forestry Commission for the National Tree Safety Group. They provide guidance on trees and public safety in the UK for owners, managers and advisers.

New disease hits London Planes

A worrying disease that attacks the capital’s most iconic tree has been confirmed in London. The disease, Massaria (Splanchnonema platani), was previously found only in Germany and Holland but has now been discovered in the UK.

PhD for Dr John Flannigan

Dr John Flannigan has been awarded a PhD by Birmingham City University for his research into residents' attitudes towards street trees.
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