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What is RSS?

RSS (often said to stand for 'Really Simple Syndication') is a way of keeping up to date with websites that have rapidly changing content. RSS feeds may be viewed in special software known as 'News aggregators', using web based services such as My Yahoo and Google Reader, or using some browsers. Firefox can make use of RSS feeds to provide 'Live Bookmarks' and Internet Explorer 7 can use them in its feed lists. The BBC have a helpful introduction to using RSS on their site, or take a look at

Using RSS on your site

RSS feeds can be used to provide content for your own website. Regularly changing content can increase your rating from search engines, and using an RSS feed from a site such as is a quick and easy way of providing regularly changing content on your site. Our feeds are updated frequently and with well over a hundred new messages on the UKTC each week rarely stay the same for very long.

The's content and RSS feeds are copyrighted, but we allow and encourage the use of our RSS feeds to provide syndicated content on other websites provided a few simple conditions are met.'s RSS feeds may be used on your website provided that

  • The content of your site is legal and does not include sexist, racist or other intolerant material, nor pornographic or violent material or any other content which may, through association, bring into disrepute.
  • You do not use the's RSS feeds for the purpose of criticising or ridiculing
  • You agree to remove any content derived from our feeds immediately if asked to do so.

A simple way to include a feed on your site is to use our Feed2JS facility, which allows you to generate a snippet of code that you can include in the HTML of your site:

Below is a list of RSS feeds currently available from


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Latest posts to the Ask an arborist forum

Postcode search

An RSS feed is available of specific postcode searches for local tree surgeons. Read more details about the postcode search feed.


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